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How to help Masari

Masari depends on people like you. With your efforts, and the efforts of others, Masari will grow and help bring financial privacy to all.

Community Discussions

Masari community members, also known as Masarians, are located in several places and have discussions at various times of the day regarding Masari. Our most active community discussions happen on our Discord. You may join our Discord server at any time to ask questions regarding mining and development or to propose ideas or get help with Masari.


Masari has many different pieces of software that keeps it running. From our core blockchain software to our wallets and our own block explorer and the small projects in between, Masari has plenty of code that you can contribute to! View our projects on Github.

Running a node

One of the best contributions that everyone can do for Masari is to run an active up-to-date Masari node! By running a node, you are helping to strengthen the network in several ways. For example, the more people who run nodes, the more nodes it takes for attackers to try to launch an attack. Also, you help increase the speed in which other users download the blockchain.


Aside from running a node, mining Masari is another way you can help! By mining Masari, you are helping to decentralize the process of transactions being verified and keeping the network secure.


Marketing Masari does not always need to come from any of the core team. Creating memes, talking about trading $MSR or sharing Masari content on social media are all different ways you can help with Masari marketing! View our marketing material on Github!