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Masari Roadmap

This roadmap is community driven and subject to change, represents prior achievements (non-comprehensive) and estimated timelines for future plans.

Q4 2017

WHM Difficulty Algorithm

A necessary update implementing one of the best known algorithms in order to mitigate flash mining issues as a new altcoin, with a pull request made upstream as a contribution back to Monero.

Q4 2017

GUI Wallet

A new and easy to use GUI wallet was intended to be available, but time constraints pushed instead for porting one over from Monero for use while this initiative is merged with the mobile wallet goal.

Q1 2018

Multi-Sig & Subaddress Support

Both upstream features. Multi-sig will allow for trustless off-chain transactions that would otherwise require a counterparty. Subaddresses allow a single Masari private key to issue multiple subaddresses, expanding beyond payment IDs.

Q2 2018

CryptoNight-Fast PoW

We've created our own CN variant in order to further secure against malicious network attacks, while being more stable and CPU friendly.

Q3 2018

Web & Mobile Wallet

This targets mass adoption, including mobile devices support for day-to-day usability. Client-side web wallet can be found here and Android wallet found on the Google Play Store

Q4 2018

Uncle Mining (SECOR)

This feature unique to Masari delivers a more secure network, faster blocks, and rewards miners for orphaned blocks.

Q4 2018

Collaboration Corner

This is a social protocol being developed as a guideline to encourage contribution and decentralize project stewardship.


Blocktree Whitepaper

Pending further research, this investigates PoW sharding potential of the CryptoNote protocol by taking advantage of one-time public key outputs to partition/shard the transactions into a scalable blocktree.


Ledger Integration

With many preferring hardware solutions storing one's MSR, Ledger is to be supported as a storage alternative.

Simple Private Tokens (SPT)

Without smart contracts, this features the ability to issue private digital assets in the network easily by the end user, with any computational logic using interchangeable off-chain architecture.

Blocktree Implementation

Pending preceding research, implementation to be complete by end of year.