Masari (MSR) is a scalability-focused, untraceable, secure, and fungible cryptocurrency using the RingCT protocol.

Using the power of a distributed peer-to-peer consensus network, every transaction on the network is cryptographically secured against any adversary. Using a cryptographically sound protocol, Masari ensures that all your transactions are private by default.

By using the RingCT protocol, Masari is able to ensure that all transactions are untraceable, unlinkable, and that amounts transferred are hidden from the public.

All of the privacy features in Masari resolve into true fungibility, which makes its digital currency equivalent to cash or gold, where no transaction can be discriminated against another.



GUI wallet coming soon
CLI wallet v0.2.3.0
GUI wallet coming soon
CLI wallet v0.2.3.0
GUI wallet v0.2.3.0
CLI wallet v0.2.3.0


What pools are out there?
Community maintained lists can be found in our Bitcointalk page or Discord channel

Is there a pre-mine?
No pre-mine or ICO was conducted in this project!

What's the max supply?
There will be around 18.5 million coins issued over 10 years before "tail emission" occurs, which is a small sub-1% annual inflation of 0.3 MSR per minute that would keep miners incentivized and replaces liquidity for lost coins.

Where's your whitepaper?
There will be a whitepaper drafted when a new scalability feature will be proposed. As this is a Monero fork, its basis are the CryptoNote and RingCT protocols that are well researched and cryptographically sound.